Are You Looking to Support Rapid City Chess?

An important way that Rapid City Chess needs support is through financial donors. These can be donations of any size and at any time. For Rapid City Chess to be successful in changing the lives of our students, families, neighborhoods, and communities we need financial support to carry out these goals.

What Impact Can Your Donation Make?

What will be the impact that you donation could have? See all that we are working toward doing below.

Specific Programs

  • Weekly In-School Chess Clubs Across the City
  • Competitive League Tournaments for City-School Chess Clubs
  • Ongoing Chess Mentor Training to Empower Mentors to Change the Lives of Kids at the Clubs
  • Various City-Wide Events to Enhance the Lives of Veterans, Families, Students, and Communities.
  • School Clubs in Various Organizations Serving the Community

Individual and Community Benefits

  • Proven Academic Improvement through Chess
  • Chess Mentors Becoming Role Models and Impacting Kids
  • Critical Life and Academic Skills Taught through Chess
  • Chess Builds Bridges Between Communities
  • Creating a Place Where Everyone has a Seat at the Table
  • Serving People and Communities by providing a place to belong and enjoy competition and community.