Chess in Schools


Bringing Chess to Your Students

At the heart of what we want to do is to bring the game of chess inside the schools in Grand Rapids. Chess teaches key life and educational skills that can be the decisive factor between thriving and struggle students living in Grand Rapids.

5 Major Benefits of Chess

Chess can make such a big impact on a child. We think it is too great an opportunity to pass up. Here is a list of just five important skills that have been proven to improve a child’s educational success and achievement because of playing chess.


  1. Improved Focus and Attention
  2. Critical-Thinking Skills
  3. Determination and Grit
  4. Reasoning and Decision-Making Skills
  5. Problem-Solving and Teamwork


This is just the beginning of what chess can do for a young person!

Rapid City Chess is raising funds to launch pilot programs in GRPS and beyond. Are you one of those schools that wans to bring the game of chess to your students? Read on!

We provide training, curriculum, equipment, and experience to your front door as well as ongoing and yearly support. All we need is willing leadership and a volunteer to launch an amazing program. We can make any teacher, volunteer, or leader, a proven chess mentor equipped to succeed!

Contact Rapid City Chess to meet with our Program Director Michael Brooks. He will show you what we can offer you and what it would look like week-to-week.